Business Equipment Finance/Leasing


Transaction Size: $200k - $400MM

Flexible Terms; Average 5-7 years

- Manufacturing - Agricultural - Computers - Office - Industrial - Medical - Construction - Energy   -Athletic and Event Domes -  Gym - Heavy Equipment - Solar - Mining - Aviation - Shipping - Trains - Restaurant - Freight  - Health & Beauty - Hospitality - Lumber and more...

Real Estate Financing & Corporate Credit


We fund business and agricultural real estate transactions (both financing and refinancing) as well as commercial real estate construction, working capital loans, business acquisitions loans, tenant improvement loans, and small loans for businesses needing quick working capital or to refinance other debt.



I have two programs I can offer:

Business - unsecured line of credit up to $200k

Personal term loan up to $400k, unsecured

About Us

We offer creative Capital solutions for every part of your business

With offices in the U.S. we have an experienced team and in-house underwriting. We can help you set up an "in-house" financing for your customers and we can also help customers ordering products from Asia to get better pricing; supplies, materials, components, tools, equipment, clothing, and anything else purchased from Asia


Contact us about your Equipment Finance/Leasing needs as well as other capital needs: